Derby a city of thinkers and makers for 300 years

Imagine a place which has been at the forefront of industrial innovation for 300 years and today is home to world-famous names such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Bombardier. This is a city where brilliant businesses have been turning inspirational ideas into reality since the creation of the first cotton spinning mills in the 1700s. It is where Florence Nightingale changed the blueprint for hospital designs and Frank Whittle drew up the concept jet engine.

Imagine a city where the railway industry grew up 175 years ago and still has the largest cluster of associated companies in Europe. This is the home of the world’s first factory, the Silk Mill, which today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Imagine a city whose people are leading the industrial digital revolution, where 11.8% of its workforce are in hi-tech functions, four times the national average.

Imagine no more – this is Derby.

The Silk Mill Derby
Three creative workers brainstorming during meeting in office
Kathryn Mitchell

This opportunity to work within an outstanding facility with a group of innovators is very much welcomed

Professor Kathryn Mitchell
University of Derby Vice-Chancellor

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