Innovation through collaboration in an industrial digital age

The University of Derby Science Park will bring together global companies and small and medium-sized enterprises with leading-edge academic researchers, policy-makers and funders.

It will encourage innovation through collaboration to commercialise world-leading science, enhance reputations and provide a stream of talented graduates with the ability to drive the future growth of the economy locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

From the jet engine to fine bone china and from the electric lawn mower to Lara Croft, great ideas from Derby have been having impact on the world for hundreds of years and that is still true today.

Derby is at the centre of advancements in aerospace, maritime, automotive and rail as well as many associated industries.

The University of Derby Science Park will be the hub of the industrial digital revolution. It is where world-class ideas will become reality.

Rolls Royce aeroplane engine and engineer
Digital professionals working in an office
Bombardier lab

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